History of Little Götskögle

Kjell and Maria Ljungberg and his family have lived at Little Götskögle farm since 1987.

We have a wonderful nature around us, that we think more people can get access to. We decided in 2011 to build three cottages for rent. They were built in 2012 and is available for rent from. January 5, 2013. Our farm has been in the family since the late 1800's.

Brunnshultadammen as the cottages have wonderful views over, the old land to the property, which was laid under water 1907th

Then were also built power stations in the system. Power stations use today.

Power stations and dams with the surrounding nature is in itself an attraction.

Living in the woods

Småland forests offer peace and quiet, relaxation, cozy accommodations and lots of activities, here you can pick mushrooms and berries, fishing or just enjoy a leisurely stroll in the forest, swim in the hot tub or take a sauna.